Lumeto Launches the First Customizable AI-Driven Conversational System for Healthcare Simulation in VR

Lumeto Launches the First Customizable AI-Driven Conversational System for Healthcare Simulation in VR

An Industry First, the Large Language Model (LLM) based AI-Enabled Technology Supports Free Flowing Virtual Human Responses, Animations, and Interaction Replicating Real Life Scenarios and Ensuring More Realistic and Effective Healthcare Simulation

OCTOBER 2, 2023 (Toronto, ON)
– Lumeto, the Toronto-based XR healthcare simulation company, today announces a landmark AI upgrade to its InvolveXR platform. The upgrade is now available to all customers. InvolveXR, is a fully immersive and highly flexible XR Simulation Lab for institutions looking to deploy immersive training and assessment across the healthcare spectrum. The platform is now equipped with a Large Language Model (LLM) based AI-driven customizable conversational system enabling an unprecedented level of adaptability for simulating virtual patient encounters.

Through the integration of the latest enhancements in generative AI, real time natural language processing, and Lumeto’s scenario creation and customization tools, the company has created virtual patients that produce natural human-like responses while aligning with desired learning and assessment outcomes. Where previously virtual patients were equipped with a pre-determined set of dialog prompts or use limited response databases, this new capability on InvolveXR enables a seamless conversation between the learner and patients, providing the ability to build competencies around effective patient care, building clinical judgement, building trust and cultural, racial, emotional and spiritual sensitivity, etc.

“It’s astounding to see the technology in action. The addition of the conversational AI system allows for free-flowing rapport back and forth between the learner and the virtual patient. By replicating the nuances of everyday care, InvolveXR is now better equipped to support the development of crucial competencies around procedural knowledge and steps, clinical decision-making, effective communication, and emergency response, all ultimately geared towards improving patient safety and care.” Raja Khanna, CEO, Lumeto.

In addition, with a deep level of customization of each aspect of a patient such as their history, lifestyle, family details and nuances such as the accent they speak in, their characteristics, etc, clinical educators can create a wide variety of patients to also impart diversity, equity and inclusion as a strong undercurrent in all learning experiences  on InvolveXR. The platform has several immersive clinical environments with interactive tools for assessments, diagnoses and treatments. With all of these versatile capabilities, InvolveXR caters to a wide spectrum of healthcare learners and institutions – Nursing Schools, Medical Schools, Residency and Fellowship Programs, Hospitals and Medical Societies.

The conversational AI system was developed internally by Lumeto and has been fully integrated into the Involve XR platform. It is currently available at no additional charge for all InvolveXR license customers and will be included with any new subscriptions.

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Lumeto’s immersive simulation lab, InvolveXR, aims to meaningfully reduce the huge social and financial cost of medical error. Flexible training in virtual simulated environments can improve the preparedness and confidence of clinicians globally. Lumeto operates across the healthcare spectrum, catering to educators and learners at every level of their competency, enhancing learning outcomes tied to individual and team decision-making, problem-solving, de-escalation and complex or rare procedures. Lumeto is based in Toronto, Canada, and employs a global workforce. Visit www.lumeto.com to learn more.