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Involve XR


Involve XR

Involve XR is an open and flexible learning & assessment platform for institutions looking to deploy data-driven, enterprise-grade, immersive training and assessment across healthcare and public safety sectors.

Involve XR offers unparalleled flexibility and customization without the need for code, and integrates into enterprise data and learning management systems.

The platform operates as both a multi-user synchronous training and assessment tool, and an asynchronous learning and practice platform, deployable in both training centers and directly to remote workers at home or in the field with low cost hardware, or via flat screens.

Involve XR : Healthcare

Involve XR enables enhanced levels of workforce and student assessment as well as industry-level benchmarking, providing learners an efficient way to remotely re-skill, up-skill and practice in live, synchronous, immersive, scenario-based learning environments.

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Involve XR : Healthcare

Lumeto’s advanced healthcare simulation “sandbox” focuses on Critical Care and is currently in Beta development and piloting, with testing having begun with The American College of Chest Physicians. The initial release is built around a virtual and functional ICU environment complete with physiologically-accurate intelligent patient avatars, interactive equipment and life-like drug interactions.

The platform enables multiple learners to enter the virtual ICU in real time with full agency and telepresence (via VR or MR) or via a flatscreen.

Involve XR : Healthcare

Learners can see and hear each other spatially and interact as they would in a real ICU. A live instructor can enter the virtual space with the learners, or run a scenario and debriefing from a desktop via our trainer control console.

The console allows trainers to change scenario attributes, override or set patient responses and will allow trainers to design and pre-program “lessons” without the use of code.

Involve XR : Healthcare

Lumeto’s synchronous, “sandbox” critical care training platform can be used, without modification, to teach hundreds of potential lessons, for an unlimited number of learners, remotely or in person.

Public Safety


Involve XR :
Public Safety

First responders, police and armed forces globally are often faced with people in mental health crises. Science has shown that adequate scenario training gives them the tools they need to avoid the use of force. Traditional scenario training involves sets and actors and is hard to deploy, while providing limited assessment data. Using Lumeto’s system, forces can efficiently train workers in centralized training centers or in remote locations, enabling standardized training while collecting important benchmarking and assessment data. This product is in Beta development and will be initially deployed in 2021 to over 15,000 front line workers. Additional details to be announced soon.

Lumeto’s Public Safety product is also built on the Involve XR platform, enabling the same synchronous learning, robust data collection/analytics and operator control for first responders, police forces and armed forces. Lumeto partners with subject matter experts to build a public safety and de-escalation “sandbox” enabling trainers to run learners through several de-escalation scenarios, ending in a robust skills assessment and scoring matrix.

First Responders
Armed Forces

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Lumeto is a team of creative leaders, XR developers and software engineers passionate about how spatial technologies will revolutionize the future of work. The company is an inclusive, positive workplace anchored by our five core values: Learning, Teamwork, Initiative, Transparency and Designing For Impact.

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