Lumeto launches Customizable Immersive Self-Directed Learning, becoming the most adaptable AI-powered Immersive Simulation Lab in healthcare

Lumeto launches Customizable Immersive Self-Directed Learning, becoming the most adaptable AI-powered Immersive Simulation Lab in healthcare

An Industry First, the Large Language Model (LLM) based AI-Enabled Technology Supports Free Flowing Virtual Human Responses, Animations, and Interaction Replicating Real Life Scenarios and Ensuring More Realistic and Effective Healthcare Simulation

Lumeto, Lumeto, a trailblazer in XR-based training solutions, is excited to announce the launch of its customizable, artificial intelligence-powered Self-Directed Learning (SDL) capability on its InvolveXR platform. The highly scalable SDL format perfectly complements the company’s multi-user, instructor-led, Learning Experience library and capabilities, enhancing InvolveXR’s position as the most flexible and adaptable XR-based training platform for healthcare simulation and training.

Improved Training Scalability

In the realm of healthcare training, where instructor time is a precious and limited resource, Lumeto’s customizable Self-Directed Learning on InvolveXR revolutionizes the landscape. This feature optimizes both instructor and learner time by providing opportunities for individuals to train independently at their convenience. This not only frees up instructor time but also maximizes learners’ time, allowing them to hone their skills without the constraints of fixed schedules. Institutions can scale their training programs with Lumeto’s SDL, enabling them to add more lab hours or simulation time without the need for additional instructor resources. The incorporation of automated checklists and fully customizable Learning Experiences ensures that educators can set up training and debrief sessions tailored precisely to their learning objectives, resulting in a more efficient and scalable training environment.

Holistic Learning Loops with More Training Flexibility

Lumeto’s SDL introduces unprecedented training flexibility, empowering educators to utilize any mode of training—be it Asynchronous Self-Directed Learning or Synchronous Instructor-led training. These modes can be configured for single or multi-learner experiences, and the training can take place remotely, on-site, or with learners in different locations.
This versatility enables educators to design effective Learning Loops, where learning is scaffolded through a series of Instructor-led and Self-directed Learning Experiences. The ability to seamlessly integrate various modes of training creates a holistic approach that caters to diverse learning needs, enhancing the overall training experience and optimizing simulation operations.

Customization to Meet Specific Learning Objectives & Program Needs

True to Lumeto’s commitment to customization, every aspect of the Self-Directed Learning on InvolveXR is fully customizable. From the patient scenarios and their AI-powered conversations to simulation states, debriefing checklists, and competency mapping, every SDL can be tailored to meet the unique needs of the learners and the objectives of the training program.
This level of customization ensures that every SDL provides the learner with the most immersive and engaging experience. Simultaneously, it empowers trainers to meet their training objectives with the least effort and the highest impact.

“On behalf of the Lumeto team, I’m immensely excited to announce the launch of the new Self-Directed Learning capability on our InvolveXR platform. This innovation marks a significant milestone in healthcare simulation training, offering an unmatched combination of flexibility, fidelity, scalability, and customization in immersive simulation training on a single platform. We believe this will empower healthcare institutions to elevate their training programs with less effort and at greater scale.”, said Raja Khanna, Co-Founder and CEO, Lumeto.

Lumeto’s new capability and the entire platform will be showcased for the first time at IMSH 2024 in San Diego from 21st-23rd December.

About Lumeto:
Lumeto’s immersive simulation lab, InvolveXR, aims to meaningfully reduce the huge social and financial cost of medical error. Flexible training in virtual simulated environments can improve the preparedness and confidence of clinicians globally. Lumeto operates across the healthcare spectrum, catering to educators and learners at every level of their competency, enhancing learning outcomes tied to individual and team decision-making, problem-solving, de-escalation and complex or rare procedures. Lumeto is based in Toronto, Canada, and employs a global workforce. Visit www.lumeto.com to learn more.