Lumeto and the American College of Chest Physicians Launch the First Remote VR-Based Difficult Airway Management Training Course

Lumeto and the American College of Chest Physicians Launch the First Remote VR-Based Difficult Airway Management Training Course

OCTOBER 11, 2023 (Chicago, IL) – CHEST, in collaboration with Lumeto Inc., announces the introduction of a cutting-edge virtual reality (VR)-based remote difficult airway management training program. This educational program will reshape difficult airway management training and complement CHEST’s highly respected simulation program.

The groundbreaking program leverages CHEST’s difficult airway management simulation curriculum, and Lumeto’s InvolveXR platform, an immersive and flexible VR simulation lab. The remote program affords participants the unique opportunity to practice realistic and dynamic airway interventions in a safe, risk-free environment, from wherever they are. The system uses low-cost headsets and allows learners and expert CHEST faculty to join each other in multi-user, dynamic, fully interactive simulations with no geographic boundaries.

The VR Airway Training Program is designed for practicing critical care and pulmonology physicians, anesthesiologists, medical residents, PCCM fellows, and non-physician critical care practitioners. The program incorporates a series of simulation cases that cover different patient types and complexities, allowing participants to engage in progressive learning experiences covering important procedural skill areas, including rapid sequence intubation (RSI), awake fiberoptic intubation, managing airway in case of a septic shock in obtunded patients, managing hypotension with induction, and newer approaches like laryngeal mask airway (LMA) placements. The dynamism offered by InvolveXR enables the training to be adapted to the learners’ competency levels, making it a rich and positive learning experience.

In addition to improving procedural knowledge and decision-making, the Difficult Airway Management Training Course also places a strong emphasis on team training and crew resource management. These vital aspects of patient care are often overlooked in traditional training settings but are critical for effective and efficient airway management in real-life scenarios. A 2021 IRB-approved study conducted by CHEST on this exact training with 39 learners showed significant procedural knowledge improvement and high learner efficacy for critical decision making and crew resource management from just a 25-minute session. This is testament to the convenience and efficacy provided by VR, including the InvolveXR platform that provides a high level of usability and fidelity of training.

On display for the first time at the CHEST Annual Conference 2023 in Hawaii this October, the Difficult Airway Management Training course will begin being offered in early 2024. This innovative collaboration with Lumeto demonstrates a commitment to pushing the boundaries of medical education and ensuring that healthcare professionals have access to the most effective training tools available.

“As an organization of 22,000 global experts in chest medicine, we have been helping to bring our subject matter expertise into Lumeto’s InvolveXR platform and we are very excited to share this first iteration of our collaboration,” says Richard Schuch, Ed. D, Chief Learning Officer & Senior Vice President, Education with the American College of Chest Physicians. “CHEST has always been in the forefront of innovation towards patient safety. With the accessibility that this training provides, we’re able to scale it even further,”

“CHEST has been a supporter and partner since before our immersive simulation product was launched, a testament to their focus on innovation and evolving the field of simulation education. We are extremely grateful and enthusiastic about this use case of our InvolveXR platform”, adds Raja Khanna , CEO and Co-founder of Lumeto.

Participants are encouraged to take advantage of this unique opportunity to enhance their skills in airway management and improve patient safety. Pre-registration will be made available to attendees of CHEST 2023.


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