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Everything you need for an impactful simulation training experience is now immersive.

Elevate your program performance by seamlessly integrating realistic simulation with InvolveXR, a fully immersive simulation lab accessible from right where you are.

Physiologically-modelled patients and equipment

Flexible modes of training - asynchronous and synchronous, single and multi-learner, on-premises and remote

Robust debriefing and assessment tools

Insightful performance management

Easy. Effective.

Usability and effectiveness are at the core of each learning experience in the InvolveXR simulation lab. Our very first Virtual Reality (VR) lesson, CHEST Immersive Difficult Airway Management, that was co-developed with our partners at the American College of Chest Physicians (CHEST) was validated through an IRB-approved study across three institutions and showed impactful results.

Easy & Effective

  • - Despite 56% of learners having never tried VR
  • - 73% of learners found it easy to role play an intubation scenario in VR
  • - 100% of learners understood what steps to take when they first entered the virtual ICU

In a session of 25 minutes


Relative increase in procedural knowledge of difficult airway management across all learners


increase in procedural knowledge of difficult airway management in Residents

Efficacy Findings – Self Assessment

Based on two Difficult Airway Management training sessions that included moderator-led debrief in VR:

94%+ Learners

Describe risk factors, physical exam findings, and clinical situations associated with a difficult airway

Demonstrate a systematic approach to patient evaluation, plan development with appropriate equipment, and drug utilization prior to intubation

Demonstrate effective management of a patient with a difficult airway

Use crew resource management principles to effectively utilize an airway management team, maximizing success and patient safety during intubation

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